Covid-19 Statement: Stay healthy, stay home as much as possible, and practice social distancing while out in the world. Strategic Graphics remains open with normal business hours as the company has been home-based for 23-years. You could say I’ve been training for this for decades.

Business owners take note: now is the time to make sure you’re leveraging your website, social media platforms, and technology to stay connected with your marketplaces. Now is the time to make it as easy as possible for a prospect to choose you. Now is the time to take action placing motivating messages into your markets. Now is the time to evolve your business practices.

The road may be bumpy and the recovery make take longer than we’d all like — but we’ll get there.

Improve Your Impression

How do your prime prospects react when they see your brochure or website for the first time? Are you converting web visits into conversations?

Great marketing materials are designed to give you your chance – they build credibility and prompt the next step in the conversation. If you’re good at what you do – then your shot at stepping up to the plate is what you need to be successful.



The first step is always figuring out where we are and where we’re trying to go. A discovery and strategy session gathers together your strengths, goals, and prime markets.



Distilling down the data into timelines, success metrics, core messaging, and a plan of action.



Good design amplifies the messages and adds impact for prospects and existing customers alike.



The rubber hits the road as we move from the theoretical into making things a reality.



It’s time to fly! We take our materials public – whether launching the site or printing the collateral.

SGI is 22 years old and going strong

Strategic Graphics was founded with the simple precepts of ``Do good work`` and ``Make it fun``

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What are you looking for?


From comprehensive to conversion, we create websites that build credibility and start conversations.


Is your company image out of date? Revitalize with a corporate make-over.


Whether you need classy corporate collateral for the elite few or tri-folds for the masses, we design brochures that help you sell.


Full car wraps, product renderings, social media, packaging, or animations; great graphics sell.

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