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Change is the only constant

Once upon a time, a teenage son sat on a hightop stool. Waxed galleys of type hung along the edges of the work-counter, non-repo blue pen in hand, xacto blade at the ready … he worked a keyline board showing an inside spread to a formalwear catalog. His father’s print brokerage had expanded into layout and design.

With an investment in a Macintosh computer, Aldus Pagemaker, and a Laserwriter 3000 … they could set type at 200%, print out a laser copy, than go into the darkroom and stat it down at 50% to create professional-grade type on-site. A miracle of efficiency.

So began my journey along this path of layout, design, typography, retouching, and copywriting.

In the spring of ’97, with two children and a third on the way, I made the leap of faith to open my own firm.

I specialize in working with entrepreneurially-led companies with quality products/services that want horse-power on projects without the overhead drag of permanent staffing.

Do you want clear, effective messages … presented professionally?

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StrengthsFinder 2.0

Focus on strengths to stimulate excellence. Transforming something strong into something superb. My other characteristics are:

  • Strategic:

    Quickly identify alternative paths and options, relevant patterns, and touchstone issues.
  • Communication:

    Succintly and deftly channel thoughts into words, images, or presentations.
  • Futuristic:

    Inspired by the future and by what can be. Engages in bringing companies, projects, and people to full potential.
  • Activator:

    Can-do attitude makes things happen by turning thoughts into actions. High-energy, enthusiastic, and quick to act.